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At Foxy Lash Boutique we do things a bit differently than most places doing lash services. We are educated to expertly create a completely customized look for you and your eyes. All of our artists are fully trained, certified, licensed and amazing. Our team has 3 different levels of lash artistry: Master Lash Artists, Experienced Lash Artists and Junior Lash Artists.

Master Lash Artists are our most advanced and most requested lash artists with years of dedicated lash experience. Their schedules are hard to get into (if they are even accepting new clients!), so you have to really plan ahead for these artists because everyone wants them to do their lashes!

Experienced Lash Artists are amazing too! They have a minimum of one year of experience in doing lash extensions. They may have learned the basics here at FLB or elsewhere, but they know their lashes and they are on their way to become Masters.

Junior Lash Artists are our newest artists that Foxy Lash Boutique has personally trained and educated from the beginning! They do a fabulous job and are supervised by Master Artists, working at perfecting their skills and increasing their speed, which is why they are at a discounted price. Try them out before they move to Experienced Lash Artist and their prices increase!

Initial Sets

All of our initial sets include a consult to determine the correct length, curl, thickness and styling options you desire. They also include a complete aftercare package to care for your eyelashes and thorough, proper home care instructions to make your lash extensions last the best.

Classic Technique

The skilled art of safely applying one single extension to one single eyelash giving a bold, defined look to your eyelashes.

Hybrid Technique

This Foxy Technique is a mix of both of our Volume and Classic technique extensions throughout your natural lashes giving a fluffy and full, yet bold and defined look to your eyelashes.

Volume Technique

The highly skilled art of safely applying a handmade fan of 2-6 very thin, fine, practically weightless extensions to one single eyelash giving a fuller, fluffy look to your eyelashes.

Transfer Fills – For New Clients

Have existing extensions done elsewhere and want to experience the Foxy Lash difference? First time clients will receive a thorough consultation and if existing extensions are done safely, properly, and aren’t compromising your natural lashes, we will work off your existing set. However, if your existing extensions are damaging your natural lashes, we do highly recommend removal and a new set.

Fills – For Existing Clients

Fills are customized to your desire and we recommend fills every 2-3 weeks.

Heavy Fill: Keep your Vixen look going strong. Heavy fills keep every lash extended or get yourself full again after 3 weeks.

Medium Fill: Keep your Foxy look fabulous! Medium fills get most lashes extended with at least 85% coverage. Normally done within 2 weeks from your last appointment.

Light Fill: For the lash obsessed. Give your lashes an extension boost for any event or occasion, or just keep them full every day.  Normally chosen when within 10 days from your last appointment.

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