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30ml Foam Pumps


Foam pumps are great for lash artists and extension wearers alike. The foam pump action turns any cleanser into a deep-cleansing, bubbly lash bath. Must have to help make cleaning eyelashes easier and more fun!



30ML Foam pumps available for lash cleanser. Our bottles are BPA free and are made of PET plastic.

Perfect for travel! Nice and tiny to take up less space and weight in your bag. Lets face it…we could all use that!

*At Foxy Lash we do recommend to change out your cleanser liquid monthly to maintain a hygienic, stable solution for cleansing your eyes. We also recommend to use DISTILLED water in your pumps, so no buildup of minerals clogs the nozzle 😉

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Weight .8 oz

1 for $3.99, 10 for $19.99