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Carbon Filter Masks


Our sleek Carbon Filter Masks are essential when performing lash services to help limit fumes being inhaled and from spreading germs to and from guests.

■ Odorless, Comfortable and Lightweight
■ Non-irritating to skin
■ Style: Ear-loop

50 masks per package

Availability: 38 in stock

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Breathe Healthier! Every lash artist should be wearing a carbon filter mask during ALL lash services to help filter out any airborne fumes from the products and chemicals we are using. Think about it, we breath the microscopic fumes in all day long while caring for our guests. Regular masks don’t have the extra layer of carbon lining to increase the filtering of particles. Foxy Lash’s Carbon Filter Masks help better than run of the mill medical masks and definitely help way better than not mask at all.

Plus, its hygienic and professional to wear a mask…you don’t want to smell that your guest ate for lunch, just as they don’t want to smell what you had either! For just pennies a piece, do yourself a favor and get these please!

Weight 6.8 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 4 × 3 in

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