Disposable Mascara Brush (AKA Spoolies)

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Disposable Mascara Brush (AKA Spoolies)


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Our disposable lash spoolies are vital in every lash artists kit. The bristles get in deep to separate each lash and keep them looking fluffy and Foxy!

Come in magenta and lavender.

50 pieces per package



Wondering why no Black spoolies available?? Well, at Foxy Lash we have learned that light colored bristles are better in that you can see more!

1. You can see if the extensions are popping off while brushing, they wont just blend in with the brush. Black extensions and black bristles hide a lot.

2. Light colored bristles will show dirt! Clean eyelashes and lash extensions are necessary for longevity. If you are brushing through and seeing the bristles become dirty then home care needs to be reviewed to make sure they are squeaky clean ­čśë

Additional information

Weight 1.6 oz

Lavender, Magenta

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