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Foxy Lash Lift / Perm Adhesive


Our water soluable Lash Lift Adhesive is made with the highest quality ingredients to hold strong and long! Easily removed with water. You wont be dissapointed, give it a try! And stock up and save $$ once you do 😉

Good for 6 months unopened. Store room temperature (68-77F)

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Foxy Lash Lift / Perm Adhesive is used to place the Lash Lift Rods to the clients’ eyelids and to secure the clients’ natural eyelashes to the rod before performing the service.

Our Lash Lift Adhesive is specially formulated to securely hold the natural eyelashes while performing a Lash Lift. Many Lift glues will are not strong enough to hold the eyelashes in place throughout the service, but Foxy Lash Lift Glue is strong enough to hold any eyelashes in place. This is important so that the eyelashes can be properly permed with the a perfect curl!

Do not use too much glue! You shouldn’t see the adhesive all over. If you are applying too much glue to the lashes, the lift solutions may not penetrate to the natural hairs well enough and curl may not take as well (or at all). You will also not get many applications per bottle. Don’t waste.

When applying our Lift Glue, work in small sections and apply the glue to the rod, then lift the lashes onto the rod. For very strong lashes apply to the rod and add a tiny amount onto the lashes themselves. This will make it so that the glue does not dry before you have all of the eyelashes secured to the rod.


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