Lash Nourishing Serum


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Using only the best ingredients, this Lash serum is a preparation created for eyelash care.  The therapy lasts approximately between three and four months. The first effects are achieved much faster, just after several weeks of regular application. It extends and improves density of eyelashes after a few days. The Eyelashes’ roots are immediately supplied with nourishing substances that run through follicles and positively influence eyelashes’ condition and safeguards eyes and eyelid skin equally. Apply at Nighttime. May be used on brow hairs. For Best Results, combine with the use of “Lash and Brow Conditioner”



Keratin- Strengthening Protein

Algae Extract- Reduces inflammation , heals, and prevents hair loss

Thuja Orlentalis Extract- Treats hair loss

Panthenol- Moisturizes skin and strengthens hair by forming a smooth film on hair cuticles.