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Nano Mister


USB Charges. Color Changing Light Indicators for Battery Life. 20ml Reservoir. Amazing Quality. Many Colors to Choose from: White, Green, Purple, Pink and Blue. (see more info below)

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Did you know that nanomisters are good for anyone with a face? Yes! They help add moisture to you facial skin by breaking down water droplets  into teeny-tiny molecules so they are easily and quickly absorbed into your skin. Add tonics and toners for added benefits (Be sure to clean out weekly if using anything other than DISTILLED WATER as it can clog the nozzle and build up minerals). They set makeup beautifully too!

As lash artists, we should always use a nanaomister for 20-30 seconds at the end of a lash service to help clear fumes and facilitate the adhesive to cure. This helps decrease any negative reactions, and gives your clients a nice little spa touch 🙂

We searched high and low for the best nanomisters. Ours will not accumulate water on the lashes (unless you sit there with it in one spot, but you shouldn’t do that!) and have a large 20ml reservoir so you don’t have to fill it all the time. They have USB chargers, usage indicator lights so you know when it is needing a charge, and they do hold charge for a long time.


Blue, Pink, White, Purple, Green, LED

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