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Lash Lift Training Course

Lash lifting has become a very popular lash service in the beauty industry. It is a simple, inexpensive way to expand your service menu by attracting new clients and retaining clients who may want to take a break, aren’t candidates, or don’t prefer the more frequent maintenance of eyelash extensions. Lash Lifting is a safe, low-maintenance lash service that lifts and enhances a client’s natural lashes by curling, setting, and conditioning their natural eyelashes. While lasting 4-6 weeks or more, this is one of the most natural services to enhance your client’s natural eyelashes, eyes and their overall beauty. You will love giving your clients the look of perfectly curled, longer appearing lashes they’ve always desired while appearing perfectly natural without any extensions, mascara or use of potentially damaging lash curlers. With 5 different levels of lift, you will transform otherwise unnoticeable lashes into volumized, noticeable and more beautiful lashes in about 60 minutes.

By taking the Foxy Lash Lift Course, you will experience a superior level of education boosting your confidence and pride in your work. Whether done as a stand-alone service or performed prior to eyelash extensions, we will teach you how to style each set of lifted lashes to your client’s lifestyle and their desired look. Once you complete our course, you will feel that you have received the best education possible and you will confidently be able to perform a lash lift on anyone. Best of all, you will earn an excellent return in profits from your investment to proper education.

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