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Foxy Lash Academy

Unleash your lash potential with Foxy Lash Boutique's training programs! Elevate your lash skills with us – it's not just a course; it's your path to lash perfection!

Our courses prioritize practical experience, empowering students to excel in their chosen techniques. Gain the skills needed to confidently open your own studio or embark on an independent lash career.

our exceptional techniques

  • Classic Lash Extensions

    This technique involves attaching a single lash extension to each natural lash. It provides a natural and subtle look, adding length and some volume.

  • Hybrid Lash Extensions

    Hybrid lashes combine the classic and volume techniques. It involves applying a mix of individual lash extensions and handmade fans (multiple lashes attached to one base) to achieve a fuller, yet natural look.

  • Wet Mascara Technique

    Our cutting-edge eyelash extension technique designed to mimic the appearance of freshly applied mascara. They embrace a glossy wet look that´s both captivating and unique.

  • Volume Lash Extensions

    This technique involves attaching multiple ultra-fine lash extensions to each natural lash, creating a voluminous and dramatic effect. It can range from a natural-looking volume to a more intense, glamorous look, depending on the number of lashes applied.

available courses

  • Foxy Lash basic course

    Elevate your skills with the “Foxy Lash basic course”, covering everything from classic hair by hair style to advanced techniques like hybrid, wet mascara, volume, and mega volume.

    Course duration: 3 days
    • $1,380
    Book our 3-day eyelash extension course for $1,380 and get 50% off on the third day. Total: $1,150 call: 786-777-8425
  • Foxy Lash Intermediate course

    Ready to perfect your craft? Dive into our “Foxy Lash Intermediate course” for a refined lash technique and an expanded service portfolio.

    Course duration: 3 days
    • $1,200
    call: 786-777-8425
  • Foxy Lash Mentoring course

    Need personalized guidance? Join “Foxy Lash Mentoring course” for targeted advice on specific challenges.

    Course duration: 1-3 days
    • Day 1 (Theory)
    • Day 2 (Dummy Practice)
    • Day 3 (Model Practice with Artist)
    Book all three days for and get $90 off. total: $1,710 call: 786-777-8425
  • Foxy fast Lash Course

    For a turbo boost, our one-day “Foxy fast Lash Course” offers hands-on experience, addressing your unique concerns. Transform your lashing game – it's time to be Foxy fabulous!

    Course duration: 1 day
    • $460
    call: 786-777-8425

we tailor our courses to your needs!

we tailor our courses to your needs!

Whether you're diving into the Foxy Lash Basic or seeking mastery with the Intermediate, our programs span 2 or 3 days, personalized based on your experience.

The Foxy fast Lash course will only take a day. This short course is filled with valuable information from our Master artists, that will help you gain knowledge, better understand the basics and common mistakes in the lashing artistry.

During our initial consultation, we will talk about your background and interests, ensuring a smooth learning journey.

Post-Training Knowledge

Elevate your post-training journey with Foxy Lash Mentoring course!

Bring your models, and let our experts provide tailored advice, addressing any concerns. Witness the transformation as we guide you towards the results you've been striving for.

call: 786-777-8425

we tailor our courses to your needs!

Our team of experts, each with over 7 years of experience, is dedicated to preparing you for success. Working exclusively with Master Lash Artists ensures you receive unparalleled guidance, setting the stage for recognition in the beauty industry.


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