Foxy Lash Academy

Superior Lash Extension and Lash Lift Education

At Foxy Lash Academy our passion is lashes! Foxy Lash is known for providing exceptional eyelash services. It’s training courses are held to even higher standards to prepare its students for total success. We specialize in teaching lash services that are profitable and in high demand! It is our mission to fully and thoroughly train every student to feel 100% confident in performing any lash service at any level of difficulty. So if you are dedicated to providing professional and completely personalized lash services, our courses will support your goals to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for yourself, and for your clients.

We’re pleased to offer courses in performing individual eyelash extension in both classic and volume techniques as well as lash lift training courses with or without tinting of the eyelashes. Our Mentoring and Courses are completed in our clean, professional, private academy space, which is designed solely to our students, thus allowing no distractions so everyone can focus on soaking up as much eyelash knowledge as possible! Upon completion with Foxy Lash Academy’s education you’ll feel prepared, supported and most of all confident, in saying you are a true eyelash professional.

Please note every student must hold an ACTIVE esthetician or cosmetology license or show proof of being actively enrolled in school to become one. If you have questions about your credentials please contact us and we will help you.

Available Courses

Private Eyelash Mentoring

Have you had previous eyelash extension training, but just don’t feel like the training you received was enough? Perhaps it been a while since you have trained and you want to feel more confident in performing eyelash extensions? Or maybe you want to focus on increasing your skills in certain areas of doing lashes, like designing the best custom look for your clients or help in making your extensions last longer to increase satisfaction with clients and yourself? At Foxy Lash Academy, we can help you with whatever it is you would like to learn about eyelash extensions in more depth. Foxy Lash’s Private Eyelash Extension Mentoring is perfect for any beautician who wants to increase their skill level and gain confidence in performing this high demand, high income earning service. With thorough one-on-one instruction and hands-on learning, you will learn everything needed to grow your preexisting business.

Lash Lifting Course

Lash lifting has become a very popular lash service in the beauty industry. It is a simple, inexpensive way to expand your service menu by attracting new clients and retaining clients who may want to take a break, aren’t candidates, or don’t prefer the more frequent maintenance of eyelash extensions. Lash Lifting is a safe, low-maintenance lash service that lifts and enhances a client’s natural lashes by curling, setting, and conditioning their natural eyelashes. While lasting 4-6 weeks or more, this is one of the most natural services to enhance your client’s natural eyelashes, eyes and their overall beauty. You will love giving your clients the look of perfectly curled, longer appearing lashes they’ve always desired while appearing perfectly natural without any extensions, mascara or use of potentially damaging lash curlers. With 5 different levels of lift, you will transform otherwise unnoticeable lashes into volumized, noticeable and more beautiful lashes in about 60 minutes.

Classic Technique Course

Our Classic Course is made for lash artists just starting out with their lash career and have no previous experience. Our theory helps you understand natural eyelash health and growth as well as the world of eyelash extensions themselves. Throughout the 2 day course we will put both natural lash and lash extension theory together to get you started successfully on your way to becoming a successful lash artist. Because our classes are 1-1 you get all of the help and attention from our trainer. On the second day we get into the business side of lashing so that you not only learn how to lash but how to make money at it as well! Becoming a professional lash artist is a prosperous and rewarding career. This course also includes a half day of shadowing! This is because we know you will have questions once you get started and what better way to learn than seeing how its done in real time! Our students can watch and ask questions as real clients get fills and removals Let Foxy Lash Academy begin your journey!

Volume Technique Course

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