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Private Eyelash Mentoring

Have you had previous eyelash extension training, but just don’t feel like the training you received was enough? Perhaps it been a while since you have trained and you want to feel more confident in performing eyelash extensions? Or maybe you want to focus on increasing your skills in certain areas of doing lashes, like designing the best custom look for your clients or help in making your extensions last longer to increase satisfaction with clients and yourself? At Foxy Lash Academy, we can help you with whatever it is you would like to learn about eyelash extensions in more depth. Foxy Lash’s Private Eyelash Extension Mentoring is perfect for any beautician who wants to increase their skill level and gain confidence in performing this high demand, high income earning service. With thorough one-on-one instruction and hands-on learning, you will learn everything needed to grow your preexisting business.

So, if you’ve trained with anyone in the past, you can continue your education and keep up with the ever-changing lash industry with Foxy Lash Academy’s Mentoring Program. Our mentoring program is the most hands-on and in-depth education the industry has to offer. It will give you a great review on foundation knowledge and the personalized education required to become confident and inspired to be the best of the best! A rewarding and profitable career begins with our commitment to helping you. We will teach you the best tips and tricks in the industry through real-life practice as each session is completely customized and personalized to you and what you want to work on with no distractions.

Mentoring is available mornings, afternoon and evenings on Saturdays, Sunday, Mondays and Tuesdays. Come one time or come as many times you want!

Private one-on-one Classic Technique Mentoring: $120 per hour (4 hours minimum to enroll)
Private one-on-one Volume Technique Mentoring: $140 per hour (4 hours minimum to enroll)

1. You must be previously educated and certified by a reputable lash extension company and have knowledge of the basics (Sorry learning on You Tube does not count). If you haven’t ever had any professional training please go to our Foundation Lash Extension Education Program.
2. You must be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. It is ILLEGAL to perform eyelash services without one of these 2 licenses. Current esthetic or cosmetology students training to become a licensed professional can enroll, but these students must complete their schooling and receive their license before practicing and offering eyelash extensions as a service to the public.
3. Full payment is due at least 7 days prior to scheduled mentoring date. If full payment is not received 7 days prior, you will forfeit your date and need to re-schedule for a later date.
4. Mentoring is non-refundable.

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