Volume Technique Training Course

Our 2 day course is best for someone with solid classic skills and has no previous volume education. The first day is spent on theory of volume lashing, proper styling for different client’s eye shapes and fan practice, practice, practice. We also go deep into lash photography and marketing yourself. The second day is almost fully devoted to taking skills learned our first day and applying them to live models! On the second day we also get into the business side of lashing so that you not only learn how to lash but how to make money at it as well!
Our 1 day course is best for someone who has solid classic skills AND had some previous volume experience, but just didn’t learn exactly what they wanted, or felt they just didn’t get enough from another trainers volume course. We will consult together prior to the class and completely customize what you want to get from our 1 day volume course.

What you will learn

-Complete Volume Extension Application Theory

-Several different fanning techniques including 2D-8D fans, hybrid, wet mascara, wispy and straight line looks

-Advanced Styling

-In depth formulas for proper fan sizing

-Hands on learning with live models

-Review information on Consults, Prepping, Fills, Removals, and Aftercare

-Retail Selling

-Marketing, Photography and Pricing to grow a successful Lash Business

-How to really “WOW” your clients with a complete EXPERIENCE, not just a lash service

What you will receive

-8 hours (one day) or 16 hours (2 day) of hands on training PLUS half day of shadowing

-Complete, detailed Foxy Lash Volume Extension Manual

-Client Consultation and Consent Forms

-Full Size Lash Extension Kit containing 5 Trays of lashes, Adhesive, Tweezers, Lash Cleanser, & Application supplies

-Certification once course is entirely completed*

-Student discounts on all lash extension supplies (including tinting and lash lift products)

-1 Half Day of Shadowing to see how services and business suns in real time. This is normally done 1 month post class to answer questions you have discovered and help you feel even more confident!

*Upon completion, you will earn your certificate after submitting 3 clear before and after photos of properly executed volume lash extension services showing correct technique. If you aren’t feeling 100% confident and would like to practice within Foxy Lash Academy, please inquire to do so and we will come up with a plan to help you feel confident in your work. We at Foxy Lash are here for you.

1 day course $800
2 day course $1500

-Esthetician, Facial Specialist or Cosmetology License
-Previous classic training completion
-We highly recommend you bring your own model, if you cannot supply one yourself then we can find a model for you with 2 weeks advanced notice

Course Policies
A non-refundable $500 deposit is required to secure course dates
To reschedule a course 10 days notice is required
Class must be paid in full before we begin the course